Saturday, March 26, 2011


2011/03/26 MARTIN FUHS (ger) + CLEM LEEK (gb) + HERPES Ö DELUXE (ch)


    MARTIN FUHS' show is cancelled due to recent case of death in the family. We would like to express our deepest sympathies.
    Clem Leek has kindly offered to play 2 distinct sets instead.
    Entrance fee will be reduced accordingly.

THE LODGE presents:

+ DJ Hollow Bone

05/02/2011 @ Bazillus Club, Zurich

Doors 20:00 // Concerts 21:00
Space and seating are limited. Book your ticket online.

MARTIN FUHS (a.k.a. SECONDS IN FORMALDEHYDE) is a german composer and soundartist who is working in the fields of modern classical music / contemporary electronic music. Born in 1987 he started to take music theory by the age of 10. Following musical lessons in classical guitar playing by the age of 12. Since then he progressed with his musical abilities by learning to play the piano and starting to write his first arrangements. Fuhs concentrates on classical influenced music that he mixes with modern elements of electronic music such as digital synthesis and sound processing. His instrument of choice is the piano allthough he also uses guitar sounds and field recordings.

Fuhs is influenced by artists like ryuichi sakamoto, harold budd and keith jarrett but at the same time also by composers like cliff martinez and thomas newman.

CLEM LEEK is a musician & composer from the UK South East. He has just completed his MA in Music Composition and is now releasing his first E.P, 'Through the Annular' on Schedios Records. Clem draws his influence from a number of sources, from the minimalist composers Steve Reich & Philip Glass and also such musicians as Keith Kennif, Max Richter, Matt Hales and many more, creating a beautiful mix of piano melodies and subtle instrumentation, all set to the crackle of a 78rpm record.

HERPES Ö DELUXE, formed 1995, is a four piece group from Bern/Switzerland working in a musical field between atmospheric noise, electronica bruitiste, sombre soundscapes or harsh drones. Their instruments are partly analogue electronic gear, partly self-built or deconstructed tools like tape loops or turntables that are (mis-)used as rhythm machines. Live performances - electronic and acoustic soundscapes, ranging from ambient sounds and playful collages to devastating, rhythmic noise attacks - always refer to the moment. According to this, an exclusive set is elaborated for every event, no one of which is ever performed again in the same form, because the spontaneous aspect would be lost and a reproduction would be in opposition to the interactive play of the four musicians, which depends strongly on the situation of a given event, without being improvised. Shows are often complemented with performance elements or other actions. Besides concerts in the traditional sense, Herpes Ö DeLuxe have been involved in numerous other activities; they made the live music for the theater 'Habgier', and regularly produce the soundtracks for the 'pyrotechnical interventions' of the artist Pavel Schmidt (Solothurn/Munich). Those events usually take place in museums or art spaces..... Sporadically they are also teaming up with singer Beat-Man (frontman of the well known Garage Rock/Punk-Band The Monsters). Under the name ..Reverend Beat-Man & The Church Of Herpes.. they are producing a more song-orientated brand of music, closer to the common 'pop'-scheme but with a noisy edge. They call this genre Electronic Gospel Trash.

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