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03.07.2010 - Simone Salvatori (SPIRITUAL FRONT solo) / COLLAPSAR

THE LODGE presents:

Simone Salvatori (SPIRITUAL FRONT solo) (it) + COLLAPSAR (fr)

03/07/2010 @ Bazillus Club, Zurich

Please note that space is limited! You can make a reservation till Saturday 3.7.2010 16:00 to klangkurier [a] gmail . com

SIMONE SALVATORI - Armageddon Gigolo - Italy's Nick Cave and Johnny Cash - nihilistic suicide pop folk - SPIRITUAL FRONT singer.

After successfully spending 4 years both on the road and in the studio, Spiritual Front are back, stronger than ever, with their new album 'Ro**en Roma Casino'.

Fronted by the charismatic Simone H. Salvatori, the band have been working in Rome with many different musicians (including the string quartet from the Ennio Morricone Orchestra, with whom they have already worked on the previous studio album 'Armageddon Gigolo'.) With 'Ro**en Roma Casino', Spiritual Front have created the new suicide pop manifesto, the perfect sensual soundtrack of your lives. Without any doubt the most perfect mixture of passionate refined pop, elegant southern vibes, astonishing folk wave, vicious tango and a spaghetti western inferno. These are pure feelings carved in music: love/hate anthems, sliding vibrato guitars, pulsing drums, fascinating orchestral parts! Lyrically based on the wild river of sensuality and hard feelings the story of the 'Rotten Roma Casino' is told by the biting lyrics of Simone H. Salvatori, who gambles his life at the most cruel casino ever seen before.

Now, Simone is coming to present old and new songs in an unplugged and almost intimate fashion - voice & acoustic guitar only! Those who are familiar with his work probably know what to expect: His shows with or without SPIRITUAL FRONT are simply charming, sexy, emotional, entertaining, powerful, professional and ... unforgettable!


"Imagine a world in which a beam of light rose into the sky only to fall back to the ground at your feet. Or, picture an infinite continuum of parallel universes, each inhabited by slightly different parallel twins of yourself. Visualize a place in which all the laws of physics, that combine to make our universe the place that it is, vanish into inscrutable infinities. Welcome to the world of one nature's most bizarre phenomena: the black hole." (Robert W. Lindsay - December 01, 1993)

Inspired by writers (such as William S. Burroughs, H.P. Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick) and musical projects (Lustmord, SPK, Skinny Puppy, Dead Can Dance, Bad Sector and In Slaughter Natives to call a few) Thibaud, head of Collapsar, documents a twisted and bizarre world out of time an space as we know it.

The first album "Beyond the Event Horizon" has just recently been released on the US-based Malignant Records label and is said to "transport the listener on an epic journey deep into the cosmos, forging a path across a vast, inky void, and steering a course around a roiling galactic core of hyper-dense stars and black holes."

Without doubt, the sound is epic, expansive, and most of all, HEAVY. There is beauty and tranquility within these realms, but there is no light - just massive, pulsating textures coalescing into shimmering drones, rippling sound waves, and billowing, multi-dimensional layers of powerful dark energy. A must for fans of Inade, Lustmord and the like.

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