Saturday, October 10, 2009


THE LODGE presents:


+ DJ Hollow Bone

10/10/2009 @ Bazillus Club, Zurich
Doors: 21:00, Concerts: 22:00, Entry CHF 30.-

It is recommended to use our ticket presale as the number of total admissions will be very limited.


Bad Sector was born as a personal creation of Massimo Magrini, who is living in Tuscany. Magrini has collaborated for long time with the Computer Art Lab of ISTI in Pisa (one of the institutes by CNR – National Research Institute of Italy) releasing original gesture interfaces to be used in many live performances in Italy, Spain, Greece, Cuba. This big experience together with the experiences done with post-punk bands in the late 80’s brought in 1993 to the birth of the Bad Sector project, which is a mix of electronic experimentation, usually dark emotions, ambient and industrial. His first CD “Ampos”, released in 1995 (recently reprinted with additional unreleased material), was immediately received very well both by critics and audience. In the next years the many different releases, also the more experimental ones (like Plasma in 1997), gave popularity to the project in the international electronic underground scene. The success of Bad Sector was built also with the many live performances (among others in Belgium, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, UK, France, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Australia …), a sort of hyper-DJ set in which Magrini often uses particular self-built gesture “controllers”. In the recent years, beside Bad Sector, Magrini formed the project Olhon, together with the Where leading member Zairo. This project explores the territories between dark ambient and concrete experimental music using sounds recorded in extreme locations (caves, underwater etc.). After many years Magrini still maintains his fundamentally experimental but surprisingly “pop” guiding lines.


Italian dark ambient project founded by Stiehl (real name: Gabriele Panci). Stiehl himself describes New Risen Throne as “cold and desolate soundscapes that will leave you feeling utterly scared and alone.”
He is also a member of the dark ambient “hybrid” creature called Konau, along with Subinterior’s Andrea Freschi. The latest release "Crossing The Withered Regions" has recently been published on Cold Meat Industry


Once upon a time, on a cold November night in the year 2005, Sebastian and Tina came together for a musical recommencement. And, thus the project Marrakuu was born. To establish a profound depth in the universe of sound one thing was inevitable: Marrakuu needed strings! For this reason, the duo was transformed into a band, thanks to Ambrosius and Ali, whos musical ideas were one more step into Marrakuus soulful sounds.

Together, their melancholic music shifts between shadowy dances and large looming beats. Each composition has a charismatic interior life which strives irresistibly towards an unconventional landscape of sounds. Their rich experiences, gained from former and current sound projects with the most distinctive of music styles, stamps Marrakuu as kind of a new genre of music.

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